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Heg 1                       A B S T R A C T

_ Blue Persuasion_ 64_x 60_ oil on canva

"Blue Persuasion"  64x60 


XXI  C e n t u r y   F i e l d       Goodwin Fine Art  2017

Review: Artists come together in Coalesce,  Goodwin's Last Show

"The show also reveals Goodwin's interest in contemporary abstraction, especially paintings and works on paper that are expressive but often non- objective. Among the artists in this group are Margaret Pettee Olsen, Andy Berg,Mark Villarreal, Marcia Weese,Alison Mary Kay,Debra Van Tuinen and Kimberlee Sullivan. One piece that surprised me was the sensational neo-expressionist painting " Blue Persuasion" by Rebecca Cuming, an artist known for abstracted landscapes. According to Goodwin,Cuming has done work of this sort all along but hasn't shown it much."

WESTWORD  by Michael Paglia






"The magisterial and sometimes monumental Cuming paintings,which are in the front,operate on two distinct levels.They'er lyrical floral abstractions,but they also make political statements." 


"Bloom"   64"x74"  oil on canvas

_Pollen_ 60_x72_ oil ,mixed media on can

"Pollen" 60"x72" oil on canvas

_ DEEP HORIZON_ 64x60in   oil on canvas.

"There’s a spectacular solo in the main space at Pirate: Rebecca Cuming: New Work, featuring the artist's signature monumental paintings, which come out of the landscape tradition. Cuming’s compositions are clearly views of grassy or even flower-filled fields, but she’s worked the paint so expressively that the scenes have been considerably abstracted, with her often violent slashes of paint standing in for the details of the suggested vistas.


in these pieces, Cuming establishes the foreground at the bottom, with brushwork that includes suggestions of flowers; the mid­ ground, implying a field, unfolds above and leads our eyes to the horizon line near the top of the picture, which represents the sky. Each of the paintings has its own palette; together they not only show off Cuming’s painterly skills, but also her talent as an accomplished colorist. "

Westword  by Michael Paglia











Second Annual Edge Juried Show. Plus Gallery owner Ivar Zeile is the juror for this show, only the second juried display that Edge has ever mounted. The front space has been divided up with temporary walls; the show continues into the Associates' Space in the back, where pieces chosen during a second round of judging have been put on view. "Interestingly, this is where one of the exhibit's showstoppers is hanging: a big, luscious abstract painting by Rebecca Cuming, who's also in the Pirate juried show and thus looks to be one of this season's up-and-comers."

Westword  by Michael Paglia

Pirate Juried Show, The members of Pirate scored a coup by getting Adam Lerner, director of MCA Denver.......

" A revelation of this show is Rebecca Cuming, whose very Anslem Keifer- y piece " Bloom"  is out of this world "

"Deep Horizon"  60"x64" oil on canvas

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